9 Small Business Ideas in the Philippines with a 4k Capital

Starting your own business is always a good idea, especially now that the Philippines is experiencing positive economic growth.

If you’ve been dreaming of having your own business – however small it may be – then you’re just in luck. We’ve compiled a short list of small businesses in the PH with a 4k capital or even less that you can start in no time.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, a pen and paper to jot down your thoughts and start building that business of yours from any of these small business ideas.

Small business in Philippines with a 4k capital: Loading business

With a basic capital of 500php, you can start a loading business and earn from the comfort of your home, or even your school if you’re still a student.

While it’s a booming business in the Philippines, you can only expect to earn 3% to 13% for every load transaction.

It’s not overly bad considering that a lot of people need cellphone load nowadays for their data consumption if not for their SMS and call needs.

Of course, you need to have a basic phone for this, a SIM card and a load balance worth at least 500 Pesos to start.

Food stall business

For as low as 1,500 Pesos, you can have you very own food stall and sell ice-cold drinks like palamig made of sago and gulaman, juice, fruit or flavored shakes, or even halo-halo.

You can also add a few food choices popularly known as turo-turo like fish ball, kikiam, squid ball, and the likes. In the Philippines, turo-turo is one business you can do with just a small capital and huge profit returns.

In fact, fish ball vendors earn as much as 1,000php daily which is more than what regular wage earners do.

Cake and pastry business

If you love baking or you have the know-how of baking cakes or pastries, you can open up a small business in the Philippines with just a 4k capital.

You don’t really have to open a bakery. You can just start baking pastries or cakes and promote it on social media for made-to-order inquiries. Of course, it would be better if you already have the equipment needed to do all the baking that you need.

You can also specialize and just bake cakes for special occasions.

Homemade ice cream: a small business in Philippines with a 4k capital

Sorbetes or homemade ice cream is a popular dessert among Filipinos, especially on hot summer days. For as low as 2,500php, you can have your own business from making homemade ice cream from simple and readily available ingredients.

You can sell your ice cream around your place or put up a place if you’re near schools or any establishment with high traffic. What’s good about this business is that selling ice cream gives you a profit margin of 70% to 100% which means that you can earn a lot especially if you always sell out.

Selling processed meats

This small business at home has been booming for a very long time in the Philippines thanks to its simplicity. All you have to do is buy easy-to-cook products like longganisa, hotdog, tocino, ham, tapa, tinapa, tuyo, and more.

You can sell these to your neighbors or friends who are too busy and have no more time to go to the market to buy their ulam for the day/night. You don’t even have to go house to house to sell processed meats.

You can just post an ad of sorts outside your house and people will go and buy from you.

Kakanin business

Who knew that selling kakanin is a business with a small capital and huge profits? But the fact that it is, makes it a good business idea especially if you’re looking for a business idea that is easy to do and is always sellable with only the bare minimum capital.

For as low as 500php, you can cook biko or suman and sell it. You can also increase your capital if you want to sell more to earn more. To best earn from selling kakanin, you can become a dealer to other smaller vendors and become their distributor for higher profits.

Siomai stand

One of the easiest small business at home that you can put up with is selling siomai. Aside from being easy to make, selling siomai provides a 150% return on profits and only requires a small capital to start up with.

You don’t even need a big space to sell siomai. You just have to have a mobile cart or sell it in front of your home as long as it’s located in a place with high traffic like in front of the school to make good sales.

Repair service business

If you’re somewhat skilled at repairing cellphones, shoes, tailoring clothes or any other similar skill that people look for, you can advertise for it for people to hire you.

A starting capital of 4,000php may not seem a lot for you, but you can use that amount to buy the necessary tools to perform your repairs. You can start repairing cellphones or computers even from just your home and post a sign outside your house.

A simple phone checkup pays about 100 Pesos and higher for computer check-ups and maintenance.

Lugaw/Goto business

Of course, this list will not be complete without the proverbial “tubong lugaw” business. For as low as 1,500php, you can put up a small business at home in the Philippines selling cheap bowls of lugaw with or with laman, egg, lumpia, tokwa’t baboy, and even mami or pares.

This type of business works with just a small capital and huge profit returns making it ideal if you’re looking for a way to maximize your earnings even if it requires long work hours, especially for 24/7 lugawans.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of booming businesses in the Philippines that doesn’t require much capital for you to start with. With the right mix of hard work and creative strategy, you can become your own boss and earn good money even with just a little capital.

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