What business to start with 100k in the Philippines

What Business to Start With 100k in the Philippines

Today’s booming economy in the Philippines presents a lot of good opportunities for the entrepreneurs and the business-minded. However, finding that perfect business idea can be a tough one when you don’t even know where to start.

The good thing is we compiled a few business ideas you might want to start if you have the capital for it.

What businesses to start with 100k in the Philippines

For some people, 100,000php looks like a lot. On the other hand, starting a business is not actually cheap. You might even be surprised how your ₱100,000 can only go so far.

If you’re ready, let’s see which of these business ideas appeals the most so you can start right now.  

Rice retailing business

It’s always profitable to start a rice retailing business given that rice is one of the staple foods in the Philippines. With ₱100,000 you’ll have enough to acquire the necessary permits, government registration, and license to operate such a business from the National Food Authority (NFA).

But to make this business a success, make sure that you choose a location with heavy traffic. It’s good if you’ll have a kiosk at a public market or something similar. Since rice spoils after three months, maximize the shelf life of your rice stock by implementing a first-in first-out method.

Depending on the prices, profits from rice retailing range from ₱5,000 to as much as ₱20,000.

Water station business

Just like rice, Filipinos can go without water what with it a basic need. Since tap water is not always potable, the demand for clean drinking water is not likely to slow down even in the future.

Starting a small water station with ₱100,000 is possible especially if you already have a space big enough for the water tanks, pumps, and containers. You may also want to buy an alkaline water system given that people are gearing for healthier living nowadays. A water station business also fits those who have minimal entrepreneurial experience but wants a steady monthly income.

At most you need at least six months to get back a return on your initial investment but you can earn as much as ₱50,000 monthly once the waiting time has passed.

Photography business

A good set of camera plus great photography skills? You’ll have for yourself a photography business.

Special occasions like weddings, christenings, anniversaries, and other similar events require professional set of pictures every now and then and it’s a good business idea if you have the skills and capital to start with.

You might be wondering how a simple photography business can cost so much. But a good camera with video capabilities as well plus accessories can cost a lot already. Add to that the fact that you need to spend on the necessary programs and software for photo and video editing.

Of course, the competition can be high in this kind of business so you need to come up with good packages at reasonable costs and most of all offer high quality service to your customers. You can also set up a mini studio if you have a place available or simply create a Facebook page and set it up as your online portfolio.

A few months into the business and you can easily earn ₱5,000 to ₱50,00 – or more when you really have good skills – depending on the kind of photography session that you need to do.

Local grocery store

When it comes to what business to start with 100k in the Philippines, a local grocery store is always a good idea. Buying products in bulk is always cheaper especially if you buy directly from distributors.

Since people prefer convenience, you can open your own grocery store at your place where the local market is a good distance away or you can just open in the public market for a guaranteed high traffic.

Just like a sari-sari store, but on a larger scale, grocery stores have a profit margin of 20-30 percent monthly or more if you always sell out.


Even if you only know how to bake pan de sal, opening a bakery as a business is a good idea if you want a lucrative business in the long run.

There is an estimated profit of ₱2,000 to as much as ₱6,000 daily for every sack of flour that a bakery use and aside from the Pinoy favorite merienda of assorted pastries, you can also bake cakes for special occasion. Of course, you have to bake delicious pastries and cakes to have a steady stream of customers.

A bakery business is best for you if you have a love for baking and has the time to manage a bakeshop. It also fits those who are willing to wait for at least 2-3 months before getting their ROI for a capital of ₱100,000.

What business to start with 100k in the Philippines: Agri business! – Farming, Hog raising, Poultry etc

If you’re someone who likes to invest and earn in the long-term, starting an agri business is recommended for you. One of the things you can consider is farming or hog raising. Poulty raising is a great idea, too.

Poultry as a business to start with 100k in the Philippines

An agri business is a good venture to start given that vegetables, fruits, and meat are always in demand in the local market. Other people dislike the idea of starting an agri business because it’s tiring and takes a lot of true. While some of it is true, there are plenty of advanced methods you can apply to farming and even raising hogs or poultry to make the business work easier.

If you do it right, investing in an agri business can help return your ₱100,000k capital in just a few months or so.

By now, you already have a good enough idea on what business to start with 100k in the Philippines depending on your risk level and your passion. Of course, make sure that you choose a business venture that is not only something you are passionate about but is also in demand with the people. This way, you can make a success of your business idea and grow your 100k capital with time and hard work.

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